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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Puna Concert

Performing in pune is indeed a big opportunity for a classical singer. And one should be fortunate singing in front of stalwarts like Dr. Prabha Atre. On Nov 4th, I performed in Swaramayee Gurukul, founded by Prabha Tayi, a wonderful platform for upcoming artistes. This place reminds me of my guruji & Pt Vinayak Torvi Music Foundation in Bangalore. It’s a good gesture of such great artiste to provide opportunities and guide young musicians. Prabha Tayi heard me sing, and blessed me. It was a nice feeling singing before gurujan, your involvement and performance would be a full 100 % . Yes , I am sure it is a motivation to dedicate yourself much more and aim to become a successful performer. I presented Raag Bhoop, Kedar and Chandrkauns. Prabha tayi must have sung these raags a numerous times. I really felt very small performing in front of Prabha Taayi for it really needs years & years of rigorous practice and confidence. I was like a kid singing rhymes in front of a mother… as any loving mother loves and appreciates what ever the kid does , Prabha taayi was so kind to bless and guide me towards the right path. Her soft spoken advice was full of genuine music. I was observing in train, the catering people work for 18-20 hours a day, and asked myself, how much time I spend on music?… the nature of work cannot be compared but its sheer determination. Though it is more of physical than mental excercise. In general we discuss about the different types of jobs ,their remuneration, time they spend and offcourse the stress factor,but when we read any great musician’s life, the so called practice or Riyaaz used to be 16-18 hours a day. Can we ever think of it today ?.. YES WE CAN.., but let’s not give any excuses.. its only the will power.. Not singing but mental practice (thinking about music)& listening is essential to become complete musician. We have more facilities but we don’t have time… we have electronic tabla & tanpura but less practice … if you devote time and respect music, your music will take care… in my guruji s words- ‘sangeet rakshati rakshitaha’